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Main Area

Camp Ajawah is located on a beautiful, wooded, 57-acre site on the northern shores of Linwood Lake near Wyoming, Minnesota. While just 35 miles north of the Twin Cities, the wooded campgrounds provide cover for many animals.

Main Camp

Upon arrival, the first place you'll be is Main Camp. Main Camp consists of Head Quarters, the Mess Hall, the Infirmary, the Craft Shop, the Trading Post, and the Lodge.


To either side of Main Camp are the Tent Lines. All campers sleep in open-air platform tents on their own bed and mattress under a mosquito net. There are five or six campers per tent. Restrooms nearby have running water, and our hot, outdoor showers feel great after a busy day.



At Ajawah, we eat three full meals each day. Most meals are served in the Mess Hall, though we sometimes eat outside for special events or pack a lunch for out-of-camp activities. Our full-time cooks and kitchen staff serve a variety of nutritious and delicious food at every meal. We eat family-style and always finish up with songs.





The Beach/WaterfrontDock

At Ajawah, we swim every day in Linwood Lake. The lake has a sandy, sloping bottom, and our dock provides quick access to the shallows and the diving platforms. Campers attend swimming classes taught by our Red Cross-Certified staff.

Our Beach Staff is always happy to instruct campers in canoeing, row-boating, sailing, and motor-boating, or just take them out for a spin. Qualified campers may take canoes, row-boats, and sailboats out by themselves.




The Lodge

Campers love to hang out in the Lodge, where we have ping-pong, foosball, chess, and a climbing wall. There is also a basketball hoop, a volleyball/badminton net, horseshoes, teather-ball, and croquet outside.





CraftThe Craft Shop Porch

The Craft Shop is home to our Crafts Director. Here, campers can learn to make dream-catchers, lanyards, friendship bracelets, tie-dye t-shirts and more.

The Flats

The Flats are where we play many of our best games. A big, grassy field surrounded by forest, the flats are home to soccer, football, softball, ultimate frisbee, and a host of wonderful games we've made up.




The Trading Post

After dinner, campers can buy candy and more useful items, like batteries, stamps, bug spray, and toothpaste.


The Infirmary, and other Emergencies

Our infirmary is staffed a live-in Nurse or Paramedic who is on duty 24-hours a day. There is a separate bedroom reserved for sick campers, and the Nurse will happily care for minor aches, pains, and injuries. We are 10 minutes away from Fairview Medical Center. The basement of the Mess Hall is also a storm shelter.


For more information on Registration, Information and/or Fees, please contact the Ajawah Registrar at


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