May 13th 2020 Update

Calling all former Ajawah staff or Board members!!!

Wouldn’t you love to spend a day up at Camp Ajawah, the Camp of our dreams? Well, we need you to do just that.

Since we cannot have our regularly-scheduled work days, we are asking if you (along with your household) would be willing to come up to camp to get some work done. Abiding by all social distancing measures, we will oversee the schedule and take precautions for it to be a safe experience.

We will limit the volunteers to former or current staff, and former or current board members and their respective households.

Most of what we need done is good old fashioned deep cleaning, Ajawah-style: scrubbing fridges, floors, toilets, cleaning gutters, walls, screens, etc. There is also a need for some more skilled labor, some light repairs, scraping and painting, fixing floor boards, etc. We have 4-hour jobs, and 2-day jobs. Attached here is the list we need done.


Look at the list, and choose a task you’d like to tackle. Think about your group’s number and skill-level.

Decide on a date you can go up. We won’t allow more than four groups at a time, so being flexible with your dates may be helpful.

Report via email to Chingla Thao at He’ll give you further instructions.